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We all age; what matters most is how we age! Every one aspires to be independent for a lifetime, and to be so we believe that exercise is the best way. It’s an best anti-ageing medicine that can make us to grow young again.

About the Founders

The founders of Growing Young, Sunandha & Viji are both Post Graduate Physiotherapists and have 18+ years of experience each,treating Senior citizens for varied physical ailments.  We saw many seniors  with varying degree  of independence and activity. We understood the strong correlation between physical activity and independence.  However , what lacked was the right guidance to exercise, and thus, we embarked on a new journey- GROWING YOUNG- Fitness Program for Seniors. We strongly believe that “Active ageing is healthy ageing”. We wanted to create a stronger senior community and the magic is regular, systematic exercise program. What started in a small way in 2016, has taken giant strides  over the years with our relentless passion driving us in every possible way. We take pride in saying that we touched upon more than 1000+ seniors and addressed more than 25+ forums.

Viji Balaji & Sunandha Sampathkumar (Co-Founders)

Why do we need a fitness program for seniors?

It is now obvious to a myriad of people that we can stay healthy, improve our lifestyle and live longer if we exercise regularly. However, research says that only ¼ of the geriatric population, meet the exercise recommendations of the WHO . It is at this stage of life, more important than ever to exercise and stay active. People fail to understand, that it is never too late to start exercising even if you have never exercised in your life. By exercising in the right way, our elderly population can combat most of the health problems that is because of ageing. All they need is a little motivation and guidance to exercise and that is what we at Growing Young give them.

Growing Young-Fitness Program:

  • It is comprehensive and  provides holistic wellness to our clients. The program is customized  based on  the current ailments of our clients  and addressing the same effectively.
  • We take an individual assessment to understand their current functional and physical fitness levels before we enroll them in our program. This enables us to provide the right suggestions and guidance to our clients.
  • Each of  our  sessions will be  monitored to ensure that the exercises are done in the right way.
  • All our sessions are different from each other, breaking the monotony and kindling the interest to consistently exercise.
  • The Program includes all kinds of exercises meeting the needs of different regions of the body- bones, joints, muscles, brain, heart, lungs and even the mind.
  • We also send Home Exercise Program videos to our clients to ensure that a routine is followed and exercise becomes a part of their schedule.

Meet our happy clients:

 Ageing is inevitable but physical frailty is not and we have witnessed this in our clients who have been consistently exercising with us.

 All our clients enjoy this journey towards a healthy life with us and have benefitted the most.

How to join Growing Young ?

Attend our free trial class and if you are interested to enroll, you will be evaluated by qualified medical professional who will also guide you further.

Reach us at +91 97399 32220/+91 97312 59988 to BOOK YOUR FREE TRIAL CLASS

More details about Growing Young:

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You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. Consider 60 years as a milestone to give wings to your passion,  unleash your creativity and pursue your fitness goals. The world is there waiting for you to conquer! Let’s make the best use of the golden years and give the best!

Viji Balaji & Sunandha
Viji Balaji & Sunandha

Masters of Physiotherapy, Wellness Coach for Seniors