A Note from a Journalist!

Cheerful faces, welcome smiles, warm greetings….Sunandha and Viji- the two fitness Gurus of ‘Growing Young’ definitely project both the exuberance and confidence which convince a new entrant that he or she has reached the right take-off point to get swift results from the resolution to work towards a more ‘obedient’ body.

Sit and be fit!

Limited mobility, poor balance and joint pain can no longer be excuses for skipping your exercise routine. Chair based exercises offer almost an equivalent benefit to your fitness!

My Journey with Growing Young

 Sunandha and Viji are wonderful, caring task masters. They know what they are doing. During the online session, they check what we do and call out the corrections. They ensure that we do the exercises in the correct way. Seemingly simple exercises! But before long, I noticed that I was getting more flexible.

Live better as you age!

. Exercise is a subcategory of physical activity that is planned, structured, and repetitive and that has as a final or intermediate objective for improvement or maintenance of physical fitness.


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