Meet our founders

We are a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. With Post Graduation in Physiotherapy and over 15+ years of clinical experience in the same field, and having treated clienteles of various categories, we decided to apply the knowledge learnt in our journey to start Growing Young-a preventive healthcare company focusing on geriatric care.

Viji Balaji

Founder, Growing Young

I believe that life is precious and far more enjoyable and productive when we are in pink of health.By applying youth-prolonging strategies in life, we will enjoy pain-free vitality,vigor and independence in advanced age. Regular physical activity is one among that! I’am a Post graduate physiotherapist,and my passion towards psychology made me complete a post graduation in psychology as well. I enjoy writing Tamil poetry and I’am a passionate reader of old, good Tamil novels and philosophical books.

Qualification: Masters in Physiotherapy, MSc Psychology

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Sunandha Sampathkumar

Founder, Growing Young

While physical frailty is strongly associated with ageing, I believe that frailty is not an inevitable part of ageing. The biggest hurdle with ageing is not ageing itself but INACTIVITY. Promoting physical activity amongst seniors is no longer a choice but a way of life! Besides my profession, I’am a passionate artist and learn through exploration almost anything new that comes in my way. I like to bake and cook various cuisines.

Qualification: Masters in Physiotherapy (All India Gold Medalist)

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